Brilliant Renovation of Silvertop Wows Event-goers!

Here we are at the Moonrise Silvertop tour. My friend Beverly introduced me to the founders of Modernism Week in Palm Springs, William Kopelk and Mark Davis.


We had an amazing time at the LA Conservancy’s Moonrise Silvertop tour. The Reiner-Burchill home aka Silvertop was designed by John Lautner. ┬áThe new owners of the home, Luke Woods and his wife, were at the event. I spoke with Mrs. Wood and she was thrilled with the house. I asked her which was her favorite room where she spent the most time and she said the bedroom. The master bedroom has a big stone mounted on the fireplace. The view from the bed is of the garden and the open sky. There are revolving shutters and windows to the right of the bed. With all of the wood and stone in the room, you feel a sense of calm and one with nature. Truly a special place.

My friend Beverly McGuire-Schnur, a former West Coast Editor of magazine House Beautiful was my date for the night. Her good friends, William Kopelk and Mark Davis, were there, too. These gentlemen founded Modernism Week in Palm Springs. Every year this event has brought architectural fans from all over the world.

We weren’t able to photograph any of the home at the event as it will be photographed for a special Wall Street Journal article in the near future. I spoke with Christina Binkley, the journalist who will be writing about the home, at the party. There have been only 3 owners of this home. I look forward to reading more about this amazing home. I’ll make sure to include the article when it comes out.

Silvertop bedroom

This is the master bedroom at Silvertop photographed when it was listed back in 2014, before the renovation.


I sought out the architect who managed the restoration, Barbara Bestor. She told me she had met Mr. Lautner when she was an architectural student. The challenge with renovating this unique property is that everything, and I mean everything, is custom-made. Lautner designed everything in the home right down to the light switches. So sometimes even changing a lightbulb can be an almost impossible challenge. Luke Woods and his family bought the property back in 2014. Barbara was hired to redo his offices at Beats by Dre initially. When Luke Woods bought Silvertop, she was brought in to work on the renovation. Check out this link to see how Barbara Bestor designed his company offices.

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